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Raw Milk Cheeses

Raw milk cheeses are known to be softer and more aromatic than many of the other

types of cheeses out there. That is because of the intact microbiology that not only adds to the

flavor but makes the cheese healthier and safer than pasteurized milk cheese. This is

something that French cheese makers have known for centuries. French scientists promote the

idea that protecting the biodiversity of raw milk microbes can make the cheese safer! Recently

the Anglophone world has begun to take the French Cheesemaking Government Guidelines

and translate them into English.

“One European Society of Cardiology study showed that consumption of cheese lowered

mortality risk by 8 percent, and a new study of middle-aged, overweight Irish adults

published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating full-fat cheddar

cheese may even reduce cholesterol, as compared with reduced-fat cheese or butter

(Monaco, 2019).”

Here at Wilson Ranch, we have tried many different raw milk recipes, each with an individual

taste. Most of our favorites are the “quick” cheeses, mainly because we don’t have the patience

to wait 60 days or more for some other artisan cheese recipes. For example, the cheese curds

we made are my favorite because they are so easy and can be flavored. It only takes 3 hours or

so, and they are finished! We have added ranch, buffalo, and garlic flavoring to our cheese

curds, which are lovely! Some other quick cheese favorites are cottage cheese, mozzarella, and

queso fresco, to name a few. So come get some wonderful raw milk and try your hand at

making raw milk cheese.


Monaco, E. (2019, May 18). France is obsessed with raw milk cheese, so why is French

milk shelf ... Organic Authority. from


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